Laying the Foundation

Free Registration for NMSI’s Laying the Foundation Program Summer Workshops

National Math + Science Initiative

The National Math and Science Initiative is committed to supporting retention of UTeach graduates in the teaching profession, increasing student achievement in their classrooms, and helping novice teachers become expert educators.

NMSI is pleased to offer the following opportunities for UTeach students and alumni to attend an upcoming four-day Laying the Foundation Summer Institute.

Free LTF Summer Institute Registration

Senior UTeach students and UTeach alumni may register to attend a LTF Summer Institute at no cost. To secure your seat at an upcoming event:

LTF Summer Institutes are hands-on, discipline-specific workshops led by expert teachers. They that provide participants with tested content materials and research-based instructional strategies designed to improve academic rigor and student achievement. Training participants receive access to a full suite of classroom materials and resources including model lessons, formative assessments, and instructional videos.

Financial Support

To help defray some of the costs associated with attending an LTF Summer Institute, UTeach alumni and upper-level students are eligible to receive a NMSI travel stipend. The amount provided will vary depending on the one-way distance between a participant’s home and the training location. Instructions on submitting for this will be sent after your registration is confirmed, and funds will be distributed once you’ve completed the training. Attendees who are present for every session, every day, will also receive a $200 participation bonus.

Travel Distance to Training Site Reimbursement Amount
0-19 miles $100
20-49 miles $250
50-99 miles $350





UTeach Alumni who are currently teaching in an area where there is not a 2017 LTF Summer Institute scheduled, or who must travel 100 miles or more to attend a training, may qualify to receive one of NMSI’s larger travel scholarships. To apply for this award, sponsored by the Bechtel Group Foundation, please complete an LTF Scholarship Application.

Questions? Contact NMSI.